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Local High School Students Strive to Cure Diabetes and Combat Climate Change Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery Presents Annual Outstanding Science Scholarships to Two Local Students

FORT COLLINS, COLO. – May 16, 2016 – Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery (FRBS), a full-service practice dedicated to surgical and non-surgical spinal treatments, is proud to announce the recipients of its 2016 Outstanding Senior Science Student Award: Payson Smith of Rocky Mountain High School and Alison Kessenich of Fort Collins High School.

Each year, Front Range Center for Brain & Spine awards a Poudre School District high school senior seeking a future in science with a $1,000 scholarship. Both the quality and quantity of applicants continues to increase each year, which prompted Front Range Brain and Spine to extend the scholarship to two deserving students.

In addition to exemplifying scholastic science achievement, students were asked to discuss their goals for the future through any medium they wanted to. This year, Front Range Brain and Spine received everything from drawings and videos to essays and photographs. While their overall answers are very different, both Smith and Kessenich will use this scholarship as a catalyst for careers in research, working to enhance the world in their own unique ways.

Excerpt from Payson Smith’s Scholarship Application “I have type 1 diabetes. This has been a major aspect of my life for many years now, and has helped shape who I am. It has been an extremely difficult experience for me, but with the help of my friends, family, and endocrinologists, I feel that I have come out on top. My most recent A1C, or average blood glucose level, was a 7.3, and I now maintain a level of control that allows me to do whatever I desire. I have travelled the world with this autoimmune disease, from road trips in the United States, to living in Indonesia for two months. If anything, diabetes had helped me become a more responsible and caring person. I am a member of Rocky's Team 1 of Science Olympiad, Rocky's National Honor Society, and play in many different groups in Rocky's music program, including Rocky Jazz Band, Rocky Mountain Winds, Symphony Orchestra, and the pit for the spring musical: South Pacific. I am going to college in order to better equip myself for going into a field of diabetes research. With the help of this scholarship, that dream will come true. Thank you for considering me for the scholarship.”

Payson Smith of Rocky Mountain High School


Excerpt from Alison Kessenich’s Scholarship Application “I, Alison Kessenich, hereby attest my determination to make a difference in the world around me through hard, beautiful science… This passion intertwines with a need to have an impact on the world, which has led to my decision to major in Environmental Engineering at CU Boulder in the fall. With this degree, I hope to join a global effort to combat climate change through cooperation and innovation, as well as help devise new ways to supply a large portion of Earth’s community lacking access to clean water and energy…”

Alison Kessenich of Fort Collins High School


Front Range Brain and Spine established the Outstanding Senior Science Scholarship in an effort to show its commitment to the northern Colorado community. The annual scholarship, focused around the Poudre School District, is designed to acknowledge those students that have gone above and beyond the norm and to encourage other students to push boundaries in and out of the classroom.

Narcotic Prescriptions: New Rule from the Drug Enforcement Agency Concerning All Hydrocodone Combination Products

Effective October 6, 2014, a new federal law was enacted that changes the way hydrocodone containing products (HCP) can be prescribed and dispensed. These medications include Hydrocodone, Norco, Vicodin, Lortab, and Vicodin ES.

All new prescriptions that contain hydrocodone can no longer have refills on the prescription. A new written prescription must be obtained from your doctor each time you need more of these medicines. Fax transmission requests are not allowed. Neither can prescriptions for HCPs be called into a pharmacy. Prescriptions including refills for HCPs must be written with an original prescription signature.

If you live near our Fort Collins office and you require a prescription refill, we will do so within 48 hours of your request. You will need to pick up the prescription at our office, and at that time you will need to present valid identification.

If you are not able to come to our office due to distance or convenience we will create a written refill prescription and mail it the pharmacy of your choice. This will require 5 working days to be obtained by your pharmacy.

Our recommendation for patients who do not live near Fort Collins is that they obtain their refill pain medication directly from their family physician.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this rule causes, but we have no alternative but to follow the DEA federal rules. If you wish to file a comment or grievance on this regulation please contact your legislator.


Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery would like to congratulate Dr. Timothy Wirt on 40 years practicing medicine and 34 years dedicated to serving others in the northern Colorado region.

Dr. Wirt began his practice of medicine in Fort Collins at Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery in 1980. Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery offers comprehensive clinical expertise to patients throughout northern Colorado, western Nebraska, Wyoming and western Kansas. Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery has established themselves as regional experts in the non-surgical and surgical treatment of the spinal and intracranial pathology and treatment of problems concerning the peripheral nerves.

“Skiing brought me to Fort Collins but the community as well as my practice kept me here. It has been a pleasure watching FRBS grow and I am infinitely grateful to the wonderful patients that allow me to keep learning each day,” said Dr. Wirt. “I am looking forward to many more years serving this community.”

Dr. Wirt completed his surgical internship and his neurosurgical residency at Vanderbilt University Hospital before earning his M.D. degree in 1974 from the University of Michigan. Dr. Wirt has been a certified member of the American Board of Neurological Surgery since 1982.


Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery Employee Participates in 18th Annual Relay for Life of Weld County

GREELEY, COLO. – June 10, 2014 – Robin Hays, surgery coordinator at Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery, participated in the 18th Annual Relay for Life of Weld County this past weekend.  

According to its Facebook page, “The Relay For Life of Weld County is an overnight team event for all ages that celebrates survivors, remembers those lost to cancer, and gives participants the opportunity to fight back by raising funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society, the nation’s largest non-profit contributor of cancer research funding.”

Robin Hays has been a surgery coordinator at the Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery for 24 years. Her participation with the Relay for Life began when her children formed a fundraising team for the overnight event. Hays felt compelled to step in as a volunteer for the Survivor/Caregiver dinner when her children became co-chairs.

“This dinner is for survivors and caregivers only - it is a special meal and different gifts and activities, such as massages, [are given] just to offer these special people a break from their fight. Then my kids advanced to the Chairs for this dinner and I have just followed along with raising funds to help provide at the dinner and volunteering my time,” says Hays.

The Relay for Life of Weld County took place on June 6th at University High School in Greeley. The event began with an opening ceremony at 6 pm and continued through the night with festivities, survivors’ laps, and a candlelight ceremony. Participants pitched tents around the track until the event ended with a closing ceremony at 7:30 am on June 7th. “The point is that cancer doesn’t sleep so we won’t for one full night in support,” explains Hays.

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