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Dear Dr. Beard,

Hope all is well with you and yours. We are doing well. We wanted to wish you a Happy 25th anniversary. Hard to believe we met 25 years ago. I can recall the memory of you looking down at my on the gurney as if it was yesterday. I thank God often that you were on call that weekend.

CC from Ohio


To Dr. Beard and Staff:

Thank you so very much for the great care I received from all of you. I’m feeling great after surgery on my back. Thanks a lot.

MW from Colorado


Dear Dr. Beard,

I had surgery with you on 4/18/17. I had a fractured L2-3 plus a piece broke off the L2 with a herniated disc. Needless to say, I was miserable.

My husband and I truly appreciated the time you spent with us to explain and then you patiently answered our many questions and concerns. Your drawings were very helpful so that I was well informed prior to surgery.

After surgery you were kind, understanding and again explained the process to us. I didn’t feel like you were a surgeon who did the work and then just “moved on”.

I pray that God will continue to bless your and your hands so you can help others in pain. I also hope and pray you are still around if I need future surgery.

My sincere thanks,


Dear Dr. Wirt,

OMG -IGMLB! "Oh my gosh -I've got my life back".

Wanted to say a few words about being three months post op and the results of my back surgery. My pain is gone, my mobility has increased 100%, I have returned to my previous 'normal' life style.

For the past twenty years, I was never aware of the slow degeneration and loss of function that eventually evolved into chronic pain.

Your thoughtfulness, persistent but relaxed encouragement and complete professionalism before, during and after the surgery is greatly appreciated. And, I am even starting to clear my hips with that golf swing!!

Thank you, Dr. Wirt and staff.

—Dr. B from Colorado

thank you testimonial
thank you testimonial

Dr. Turner,

Thank you for taking care of me and performing my surgery.  Already, five days out I have noticed the burning and stabbing pain in my left leg has decreased tremendously.  What a relief!! I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to have a new perspective on life, no longer shadowed by constant pain. It is an art, what you do and I appreciate your care.

Best Regards,

—Jessica from Colorado

You all have a marvelous set up. Dr. Beard was fantastic and I won't hesitate to recommend him. The nurses and everyone at the hospital were wonderful.

—Loretta from Nebraska

thank you testimonial
thank you testimonial
thank you testimonial
thank you testimonial

Dr. Wirt and Everyone in the office,
Thank you so much for all your help and wonderful care. I appreciate it so much!
—Naomi from Colorado

Dear Dr. Turner
You fixed me up really well, Again. Thank you so much for making the pain better. Also your staff and the caregivers at Surgery Center of Fort Collins were outstanding. —Katie from Colorado

thank you testimonial

Celebrating 2 months after L-3/4/5 Laminectomy surgery with a hike to Lost Man Lake near Independence Pass, Colorado at 12,800 feet. Thanks to Dr. Wirt for giving me my life back.

thank you testimonial

Dear Dr. Turner:
I just wanted to let you know about my experiences at your office and in Fort Collins. The gals in the front office in Fort Collins were all so helpful and accommodating. I had my MRI done in February and asked to have it sent to you, but it didn't come until the day of my appointment. They worked and managed to get them online so you could view the films.

On surgery day, Bing was so helpful and efficient, but always polite before my surgery. Your gal in surgery recovery was excellent also. She was so patient.
At home everyone was so surprised I was doing so well and feeling great. They were surprised I had no brace on. Many asked your name and may be calling you. was good advertisement.

Lois is a good confidence builder and patient to listen. She was firm, but helpful and careful not to cross the line. A good office and surgical center is only as strong and supportive as it's personnel that work so well together. You are lucky to have a top notch staff.

—Sincerely, Gloria

thank you testimonial

Dear Dr. Turner and Staff,
Thank you for the excellent care I received from you and the relief I have from the surgery you performed in January 2015. It is nice to be able to move without the previous pain I had. Thanks for all you did.
—Kimberly from Nebraska

Dr. Wirt,
A note of “thanks” is woefully inadequate in view of what you accomplished for me in surgery. Nonetheless I must say the heartiest possible, THANK YOU.

And an added Thank you because you were willing to spend your Saturday morning in surgery rather than postpone my case to a more convenient day.

When my friends and acquaintances question me about the “miraculous” recovery I am enjoying, I am quick to give you due credit. I believe at least one of them will be coming to see you. Sincerely wishing you all the best.
—Jan from Wyoming

To: The entire gang,
Your kindness and responsiveness is in a league of its own! We hope this brightens your world as you have brightened ours.
—Charlie from Colorado

Dr. Turner & Staff,  
My recent surgery, lumbar fusion, has made such a difference in my life!!! I’m truly grateful for such competent, caring, caregivers, and want to thank all of you, Dr. Turner as well as the caring office staff. It has made a significant improvement in my comfort and well-being that “Thanks” seems so little a word!!! But “Thanks” is packed with much appreciation!!!  
 —Carol L. from Colorado

Dear Dr. Wirt & Staff,  
I am writing to let you know how very much I appreciate your care and concern in my recent surgery. From my entrance into your office, my  and your hard work to get me on this schedule, I felt very confident in your skills and assistance.
Though I wasn’t able to run that promised marathon Friday, travel home was a breeze and I feel good about returning to work tomorrow.
Thank you so much. I haven’t felt this good in 18 months.  
—Barbara H. from Wyoming

Dr. Beard,  
I am pleased to remind you that on April 16, 2012 it has been one year since you operated on my back for spinal stenosis. I am delighted to tell you that from the time I regained consciousness in my room, I have never had any pain in my back, none whatsoever.
I have followed your recommendation to walk a lot, so I walk one mile every day and go to wellness conditioning classes two times a week. To be relieved of back pain after about 15-16 years is a miracle. I owe a sincere thank you to you and your staff for preforming that miracle. My God bless you Dr. Beard. Thanks again.
—Bob from Colorado

Dr. Wirt and Staff,
My sincere thanks to all of you for the compassionate and extremely patient care you have given me. From the front desk to the operating room and everyone in between, I was constantly treated with loving care and dignity. I can’t tell you how nice it has made me feel. Your staff have exceeded my expectations and lent me comfort during extremely painful days. You set the standard for how a medical clinic should run.

Thank you so very much,
—Joanie from Colorado

Dear Dr. Beard & Karolyn,
Every day when I get up and head into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee, I sit down and give thanks to you  doctors that have given me new life for my old back/spine. I consider myself VERY LUCKY to have you for my doctors, and also VERY LUCKY that you have found the time to operate on me. Maybe VERY LUCKY is not the correct word to use, possible I should say it is a miracle that you have “fixed” me.
I am a person of modest means, but I do have a friend, whom has a candy kitchen and makes toffee using a 100 year old recipe that his Grandfather started, and I get toffee from him.
So I have these 8, ½lb boxes of toffee for you 2, and I thought that you each could take 2 home and that would leave the extra 4 to distribute to your office staff, maybe Dona, Robin in scheduling whom have helped me get in for surgery, or you can do what you want!
—Tom from Colorado

Dear Dr. Wirt and Staff,
Can’t thank you enough for your excellent skill and care during and after my back surgery, August 19 2014. I haven’t felt this well in years!
—Arlene from Wyoming

Dear Doctor Turner and the Staff,
I can’t thank you enough for the care and attention you gave me last week. We are also grateful for the time you and your staff took to talk with us to help us better understand our care.
—Joseph from Nebraska

Dr. Turner and Fantastic Staff,  
We wanted to say “thank you” for your willingness and efforts in scheduling Harry’s appointment, the pre-admit process and surgery. Everyone was very professional, caring, and very considerate of our needs and requests. Dr. Turners’ skills are a blessing for many, with us at the top of the list.

Harry is doing well, he still has some pain but says it’s minimal and different from pre-surgery. The booklet on the surgery healing process has been very informative. Thank you ALL again.  
—Jan from Wyoming

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