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Exercise Videos

Welcome Video

Ball Core Stabilization

Ball Bicep Curl with Thera-band

Ball on Wall Leg Squat

Ball Scapular Retraction with Thera-Band

Ball Row with Thera-band

Ball Shoulder Raise Lateral Flexion

Ball Tricep Extension with Thera-band

Sit to Roll Down

Below are an earlier set of Exercises for Your Back

Introduction to an earlier set of Exercises for Your Back

Pelvic Tilt

Gluteal Set Isometric

Single Knee to Chest

Double Knee to Chest

Leg Raise

Wall Slide

Calf Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

These exercise videos are for patients who have had Lumbar and Thoracic spine surgery. Patients from Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery will be given instructions on when to begin exercising and the number of repetitions. During post-operative recovery, please proceed with caution and immediately stop the exercises if you have discomfort other than what would occur in a normal workout or activity that utilizes muscles that may not have been used routinely. 

For the general public who may view these exercises, please seek advice from your physician before beginning these exercises.